You have been hacked by the white hat hacker

How to fix a message from the “White Hat” Hacker

If you have visited your website and found a post has been changed to a message stating “hacked by the White Hat Hacker” or a “Dr SILnt Hill” we can fix the problem.

Who are the white hack hacker and Dr SILent Hill?

We will never know who the White hat hacker is – however, he or she is trying to do you a favour.

Dr SILnt Hill is known. In fact, he has a Facebook page and advertises that he has hacked your website to the whole hacking community.

What is a white hat hacker?

According to Techopedia “A white hat hacker is a computer security specialist who breaks into protected systems and networks to test and assess their security. White hat hackers use their skills to improve security by exposing vulnerabilities before malicious hackers (known as black hat hackers) can detect and exploit them. Although the methods used are similar, if not identical, to those employed by malicious hackers, white hat hackers have permission to employ them against the organization that has hired them.”

The hacker is bringing to your attention the fact that your website is vulnerable to malicious hacking. Hacking that could take down your website permanently.


The solution to the White Hat Hacker:

At Bamsh Digital Marketing we have the expertise and software to block hacking attempts. We can also recover your website from existing hacks from “the white hat hacker” and “Dr SILnt Hill” and all known Hackers.

We add the highest state of the art anti-hacking software to your WordPress website. We also add monitoring software to alert us to any attempts to gain entry to your website. Our team work 24 hours around the clock to ensure someone is on duty to fight off any malicious attempts to gain access, hack or take down your website.

How much does this service cost?

Compared to losing your complete business website or the cost of the ransom a hacker may change to give you back access to your website our services are low cost.  There is a small charge for removing the hack, and a small ongoing monthly fee for our 24-hour monitoring and protection service. Typically, for a normal website, this is £99 set-up and £99 a month.

Don’t lose your business website – get protected today. Call 0333 900 3322

White Hat Hacker & Dr SILnt Hill Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why was my website targetted? It may be little comfort, but the attack was not aimed at you. Hackers have software that is constantly scouring the internet for websites that have left a hole in their security. Yoru website was found by the software, and typically, a post is added to your website.
  2. Why do hackers do this? White Hat Hackers would argue that they are highlighting the security flaws in your website and they are a positive force. However, finding a post on your website, that you may have taken hours to write or that was driving great traffic to your website, has been hacked NEVER feels like a positive.
  3. Can I get my website back under my control following a hack? Yes, the hacker has identified a hole in the website security. Our service identifies that hole and closes it.
  4. Can I get my content back? Yes, in most cases we can restore the original content.
  5.  Could I be hacked again? Once we have closed the gap in your website security the website is unlikely to be hacked again – that is until a new gap is discovered.
  6. How often could my website be hacked? We receive emails from the WordPress security authorities approximately every 12 hours – everyone is a potential gap in your website security that can be exploited by hackers.
  7. How does your service overcome hackers? We utilise the latest high-tech monitoring software to monitor for potential holes in your website’s security. We also deploy a number of plugins to your website to block the various ways that hackers will get into your website.
  8. Are there any other benefits of your services? Keeping your business website up and running not enough? The software we use also stops spam comments from getting posted to your website.
  9. Why is your service so low-cost? We have 100’s of websites that we are responsible for their marketing and rankings. Having one of our SEO customers websites hacked is hugely negative to their rankings, business leads and digital marketing. We have a team in place to monitor and protect against hacking for our clients. The associated costs of the security service against hackers are split amongst a huge number of clients and are therefore relatively low cost.
  10. How fast can you implement your services on my website? We offer a 24-hour service and can have your website protected within the hour.

To find out more about our anti-hacking services, available across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, South Africa and Europe please telephone +44 333 900 3322


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