What is todays equivalent of Yellow Pages?

What is today’s equivalent of Yellow Pages? Bamsh Digital Marketing Explains

From almost the day it was launched in 1966, until the end of the “Noughties” the Yellow Pages was the tool that most businesses used to get leads for their business. With the decline in size, advertisers, and users many businesses may be looking for the modern-day equivalent of the Yellow Pages for generating leads for their business. What is today’s equivalent of Yellow Pages?Todays-equivilant-to-Yellow-Pages

Yellow Pages Alternatives

As the author of this article, I offer my opinion on the Yellow Pages from a base of having worked for the company for almost a decade between 2006 and 2015. When I joined the company many Sales Staff would tell me of the “glory days” where business owners would welcome you with open arms and listen to virtually any proposal put in front of them. The business owner was pleased to see the Yellow Pages representative as the product was delivering such fantastic results in terms of ‘return on investment’ for their business. In my experience, the businesses I was spending time with still, even in 2006, were getting great returns from the “yellow book”.

Is It Still Worth Advertising In The Yellow Pages?

Having left the company in 2015 it is difficult for me to say whether it was sensible for business owners to continue their advertising. However, very rarely did I meet a stupid business owner and the decreasing number of advertisers probably indicates that they are not seeing the same business or leads generated from the Yellow Pages. Yellow pages published it’s last book in 2019.

What is the modern-day equivalent of the Yellow Pages?

What was it that made the Yellow Pages so successful? Ease of use was a significant factor. Every home and office had a Yellow Pages somewhere convenient. It was easy to find a business to supply a product or service by simply looking in the relevant section or “classification” and choosing from the 100’s of companies adverts to find a company that sold or offered exactly what you were after. Convenience, choice and ease of use.

Today, convenience is “at your fingertips”, not in a book somewhere nearby. The choice of 100’s of relevant companies in each classification is also a thing of the past.  Today, having to put down your phone to find and pick up a book could be considered less than convenient.

Today, the young and the old alike use  Google to find the services or products of local companies. Whether it be a mobile phone, tablet or laptop people will use Google as an easy and convenient tool to find products or services. Whatever is hand, and usually one of these items is nearby and convenient.

Like a “full page” in Yellow Pages, smart businesses owners need to dominate their market on Google. This means having a website that is easy to find for those “word of mouth” referrals, but also a website that dominates the search results when a potential customer, who has not heard of your company, searches for a product or service.

But Google is Complicated, isn’t it?

Another advantage that Yellow Pages had were its sales force. Yes, many businesses owners would say, “they always want me to spend more money”. Well, to dominate a classification normally meant having a larger advert than your competitor and that meant spending more money. But Yellow Pages staff were experts in how the book worked and how to get the most from it. They could explain this in simple terms that business owners could understand. The business owner chose how much to spend, what messages to add to the advert and the rest was completed by Yellow Pages.

The difficulty with Google, and how to get the most from it, means is that the average business owner has to either spend time on it or trust an expert and those experts can often lose the average business owner with jargon.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dominating the search results in Google can be simple and jargon-free.

Making Google Easy For Business Owners

Bamsh Digital Marketing offers a number of solutions for businesses to make sure they dominate the local market. This is done in two ways:

  1. Getting your website “Google friendly” so when searches are done on a phone or computer your website is found. This is called ‘search engine optimisation” or SEO.
  2. Like Yellow Pages, you can buy dominance of the local market. The old way was to buy a full-page advert in Yellow Pages so that everyone looking in that section would see your advert. Google has adverts too, and you can buy the top positions on the Google search results and be ahead of the competition. This is called Google Adwords.

The smart business owner does both to make sure they get the best of all advertising.

Bamsh Digital Marketing offers SEO (getting your website found), Google Adwords (paying to be at the top of Google), customer review software (to capture genuine reviews of your business) and many more digital marketing (advertising on the internet) services.

We work with businesses throughout the UK, USA, Canada and South Africa.

If you would like to know more about the services offered by Bamsh Digital Marketing then please telephone 0333 900 3322.

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