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Top 10 Questions You Must Ask Your SEO Consultant

Top 10 Questions You Must Ask Your SEO Consultant

Choosing the SEO Consultant to manage your businesses search engine optimisation is one of the most important tasks that you can accomplish in this digital age.

optimised business website bristol

We list the Top 10 Questions You Must Ask Your SEO Consultant:

1. What are the search terms that drive traffic to my business sector?

A good SEO Consultant openly shares their practices with the client.  Many business owners are ‘blinkered’ by what they think are the search terms people use to find businesses like theirs. Your SEO Consultant should be able to produce a report on the search terms used by potential customers for your business.  As a follow-up question – ask your SEO Consultant what are the ‘research terms’ and ‘buying terms’ – a mixture of both is desirable to drive traffic to your site, but more importantly driving paying customers to your website.

2. What are my competitors doing online?

Knowing what your competition is doing online is very important. This information can be used to ‘beat them’.  It will also give an insight into what is working well in your industry. A good SEO Consultant should be able to produce a report on what competitors are doing.

3. What improvements are needed on my current website?

Many SEO Consultants will want to sell a new website.  This is especially true of customers who still do not fully understand what SEO can do for them – and want to see a product for their money. It is not always necessary (if your current website can be edited) to have a new website. Sometimes, it may be cheaper for you (and get results quicker for you) if you do build a new site.  A good SEO Consultant can explain the benefits of either choice.

Improving a ‘live’ website is normally a better option – as it has built up a history with Google.

4. What exactly will you do for my business and when?

Do not let your SEO Consultant try and confuse you with ‘technical jargon’. A good SEO professional will be able to produce a ‘schedule of work’, detailing exactly what they are going to do for you and when.

If any SEO Consultant starts talking about their ‘secret recipe’ for search engine optimisation – walk away.

5. Are there any quick fixes or ‘silver bullets’?

There definitely can be some quick fixes on the website that you will start to see the benefit of almost immediately. However, again be very wary of SEO services being offered where they claim to have a ‘silver bullet’ to get your website ranking.  Often these people are selling you links for instant results – which in the long-term will damage your business – and could get your website ‘banned’ from Google.

6. How will you build links then?

A good SEO Consultant will be able to explain how they will use a ‘natural link building’ strategy over time, that will positively impact your business for many years to come.

7. How will you use ‘Social Media’?

Social Media is a very important element in gaining business from the internet.  For many business owners, this is time-consuming and they are not sure what they should be doing. Leave this to the professionals – an SEO Consultant will be able to demonstrate how they use ‘social media’, how it will benefit your business – and this should all be included in the schedule of works.

8. How will I know it is working?

You should receive regular reports from your SEO company – detailing how search terms are ranking and the increase in visitors to your website. Regular meetings should be held to discuss results and to tweak the program.  SEO should always be ongoing.

9. Who do you work for?

Would you tell everyone who your best customers are?  No, and normally an SEO Consultant may want to keep this sensitive information to themselves as well.

However, you need to ask (and get in writing) that they do not work for any other company in the same business sector as you, in your geographical area.  You want them totally focused on getting you to rank well – not you and another local competitor.

Many of our clients (especially the larger clients and corporate business) will ask us to sign a ‘nondisclosure’ agreement – keeping the services we provide for them between the two parties.

It is also quite normal to tie the SEO Consultant into a contract that stipulates that they cannot work for another business in your sector and geographical area – for the life of your partnership and for 6 months after you finish with their services.

A good SEO Consultant will agree to this – a great SEO Consultant will suggest it.

10. What do I get for my money?

What work they will do in either tasks or hours per month should be detailed in the ‘schedule of works’.  You should also understand the Return on investment you get for your money.

We hope you gained some benefit from our Top 10 Questions You Must Ask Your SEO Consultant.

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