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We work with companies in London for example. But how can you get your website found in geographical locations outside of your normal working area?

One way to get your website found in different locations is to use images. Images are hugely important to Google, in fact they even have an image search directory. Getting your images found for your search terms in a geographical location is the first step in getting Google to understand you want to attract people from that location. For the purposes of the demonstration, we will use terms related to SEO services in London.

The first step is to create, find or buy images that relate to your keyword or search term you are trying to rank or get traffic for. You will see below that we have numerous images of “London” and “SEO”.

SEO Company LondonThe second step is to give the image file a name that indicates to Google what the image is and the geographical location. So rather than the image being called “12345678.jpeg” rename the file to something relevant. In our example, it would be “SEO London”. You should use as many variations as you can of your search term and location for each image i.e. London SEO, SEO in London, SEO Company London, London SEO Company, SEO services London, London SEO services etc.

The alt tag of an image is the short description assigned to a picture. The alt tag is used by software for the partially sighted to describe an image for them. Add the same content to the alt tags as you named the file.

Next, we want to add a description of the image in the description box. This box is not used by humans but is read by Google. In this box, we want to add as much relevant information as possible regarding our search term and location. A good practice is to also add a link to the webpage as well, creating a highly prized, relevant link, back to your content. Adding your full address to the description gives Google even more information on the location you are providing information for.

Adding this information is also beneficial if someone “borrows” your image for their website – as it will contain your information rather than theirs.

An example description for one of our images would be:

SEO Company London
SEO Company London
Suite 34 New House
67-68 Hatton Garden
United Kingdom
0333 900 3322

SEO London – Example Images video


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