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Reach Local Sales Staff – What Now?

If you are a member of the ReachLocal Sales Team, or an experienced salesperson in the pay-per-click market place, the announcements this week will have been, to say the least, a shock. You may be wondering where your future lies. There is good news…

Let us re-cap, Reach Local offer a great product and service. For reasons not contributed to the product or sales team, they have had to go into Administration.  Most of their (your) customers like the results they get from Google Adwords – you have options! You have experience in one of the largest markets in digital advertising, you have existing contacts and potential customers that know and like you. You probably have a good reputation in your local area as someone who can get customers more revenue for their business.

Firstly, according to the Administrators, James Cook and Mark Skelton of Duff & Phelps Ltd, Reach Local will trade as usual under the administrator’s supervision whilst a buyer for the business and assets of the company is sought. The company will continue to provide all services during this period. This is part of the statement added to the Reach Local website on 16th December 2015. So as a Sales Person you could continue to work with your customers and the Reach Local platforms.

This week we have been inundated with customers and staff of Reach Local who have concerns about the long term prospects of the business and continuity of services.

Many are looking for a UK PPC agency as an alternative to Reach Local, and we would like to suggest to you that WE are that alternative, and one you could benefit from working with.

Bamsh Digital Marketing started out as a 1-man band supplying search engine optimisation services to local businesses in Bristol, UK. Early successes in driving more traffic to customers websites through organic rankings meant we quickly developed a positive reputation as an SEO Agency that can deliver. Enquiries started to come from all across the UK and quickly Bamsh Digital Marketing was working with businesses all over the United Kingdom.

As the ‘digital marketing’ space developed we introduced other factors to our services such as video creation, video distribution, press releases, social media management and, of course, PPC (often referred to as pay-per-click, Google Adwords, Google advertising).

As an experienced PPC salesperson, you will be aware of the “management fees” that many of the larger companies in the PPC industry take from a customers budget. We are different – our customers benefit from much more of their advertising budget actually being spent on their advertising. Many of our customers see a significant increase in website visitor and customer enquiries WITH THE SAME BUDGET they were spending with their previous service provider. Customers are happy, stay longer and so the Sales Team are happier. Win-win.

Our systems are VERY similar to the systems you and your customers are used to. Auto bid management, daily, weekly and monthly reports etc. Ensuring that every £ invested by a customer delivers exceptional ROI. As one of the UK’s fastest growing PPC agency, and a “Google Partner” recognised company, we have a dedicated customer service agent within Google. When we get a new customer, Google themselves provide us with data and guidance on how to get the most out of Google Advertising – and often Google themselves build the ‘ad campaigns‘ for our customers.

As one of the best SEO companies in the UK, we can build highly effective ‘landing pages’ that ensure a high quality score for the customers Google advertising, again ensuring the customer gets the best return on investment possible – but as importantly, converts website visitors in to leads for the business and converts more in to paying customers.

We are offering experienced PPC salespeople the opportunity to join our (very rapidly) expanding sales force. You will be the local representative for your area. You will enjoy the benefit of “owning” your territory, as we are only looking to take on 1 person in each area.

For more information call us on 0333 900 3322

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