The heart of SEO are the keywords we target. Making sure your website’s pages include a multitude of the keywords that potential customers might use, within the content of your website will have a huge impact on the performance of your website and rankings in Google and how many website visitors you will attract. So, to ensure the correct keywords are used we spend a huge amount of time in researching the keywords for your industry and market. When we get it right, we will be able to to take advantage of opportunities your competitors haven’t. If your SEO agency get it wrong your SEO campaign will be heading off in the wrong direction from the outset.

Identifying the right search terms is the key to your success. Our keyword and search term research will identify:

Short-tail keywords and long-tail search terms relevant to your industry

During this process will ask about your customers’ journey through your website to buy services or products. Are they research or buying keywords? Are they keywords that will bring people looking to understand your services, compare prices or buy from you? How we can match certain search terms to the process through this sales funnel? How are competitors using these search terms? How can SEO targeted keywords support your PPC campaigns and vice-versa? We will present our keyword research and findings in a way that is jargon-free.

As a full Digital Marketing Agency, we will share our research and findings across our various departments and channels (PPC, social media and video) so your leads, sales and website visits are optimised.

In our experience the keyword research activities will require us to conduct:

  • Amendments to the structure of your website
  • On-page optimisation
  • Analysis of your competitors’ website and marketing
  • A strategy for your content
  • Complimentary advertising and omnichannel marketing
  • Weekly monitoring and monthly reports

Benchmarking activities against your online competitors so we can outrank them and steal their traffic

With this knowledge and level of understanding, we can build the perfect strategy for your business website in order for you to enjoy the uplift in leads

We use a blend of experience, proven strategies and techniques that work

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