Image Search Using The Google Search Bar

Image Search

Image Search – Why It Is Important For Sales

One of the biggest opportunities missed by E-Commerce websites is using ‘image search‘.

There is an increasing trend and therefore a huge opportunity utilising ‘image search‘ using search engines, such as Google.

This article explains the benefits of ‘image search’ and how to structure your website to make the most of it.

Image Search – Using The Google Search Bar

It is possible to use an actual image, either taken yourself or an image from the internet, and search Google for websites that have that or a similar image.

Imagine you are at a beauty spot and want more information – simply take an image of your surroundings and search Google using the image to get results with websites that have similar images.

Although this may be interesting to’ trainspotters’ or ‘bird watcher’ to get instant information on what they see before them – it has a commercial aspect as well.

My wife recently saw a handbag that she thought would go well with one of her outfits in a store. She took a photograph on her iPhone and searched Google using the image. The results were full of similar handbags and websites where she could purchase them.

She could have just as easily found a handbag online she liked the look of, and ‘right-clicked’ over the image to copy or save the image, and then use this photograph in Google image search.

How to conduct an image search – click here for a demonstration video

Image Search – Using Google Image Results

Another growing trend for making an e-commerce purchase is to change the Google results page to ‘image results’ rather than ‘text’ or ‘web’ results.

I am sure you have noticed that at the top of Google’s results page you can change the results page from ‘web’ or text-based results to ‘Images’, ‘Shopping’, ‘News’, ‘Videos’ and so much more.

The ‘shopping’ option will return results (with prices) of the search term – however, this is restricted to websites and businesses that upload their inventory to ‘Google shopping’ and will not be the ‘whole of the market’ view you were looking for.

Selecting ‘images’ will return all the images related to the search term you input into the search engine.

This is where the biggest change in ‘image search’ has been seen.  If my wife had decided she wanted a ‘red handbag’ to go with her outfit – a simple search for ‘Red Handbag UK’ would have returned relevant images – allowing her to visually review and choose the handbag she desired. More and more people are searching the internet in this way to make purchases.

Image Search - Using The Google Search Bar

Image Search – What Do You Need To Do?

If you have an e-commerce website there are some very simple (and in most cases obvious) things you need to do.

  1. Ensure that all of your inventory is on your website
  2. Take at least 4 images of each product (from different angles) – Amazon sees a huge increase in the sales of a product where 4 or more images are used for a product
  3. Ensure that the image is given an appropriate name and so easier to be found – such as ‘Gucci Handbag Red model 12345’ or ‘Jaguar XKR Gearbox For 2011 to 2020 models’.
  4. Ensure the ‘alt tag’ is given the same, easy to find (and beautifully explains) the product.

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