Is The H1 Important For SEO

Is The H1 Important For SEO?

Is The H1 Important For SEO?

The answer to the question “Is The H1 Important For SEO?” is YES! But the question should be HOW important Is The H1 For SEO?

Is The H1 Important For SEO? – Search Engines

There are hundreds of factors that search engine algorithms use to measure each web page and determine where it ranks in the search engine results for each search term – based on the relevancy of the content to the term searched.

Search engines. like Google, are constantly changing these factors like society and technology change the way people search using the internet.

As the ‘rules’ change – websites adapt – search results become more relevant – Google’s users are delivered better results for their enquiry.

So, is Is The H1 Important For SEO? Yes. It is the headline of the page and indicates to the search engines the important message of the page.

Is the H1 THE most important factor for SEO? No, it is still only one of the hundreds of factors that search engines consider. However, if you declare the H1 as the first message on a page and therefore the most important – it makes sense that search engines will consider the H1 with high regard.

Is The H1 Important For SEO? – Website Visitors

As well as how search engines, like Goggle, consider the H1 as an important feature of a page – so will human visitors to the website consider the ‘headline’.

If your ‘headline’ is “Welcome” or “Home Page” it does not really explain what the page is trying to portray.

Consider the search term that is likely to be used to find your information. The H1 or headline should incorporate the search term.  This page, as an example, has the H1 of Is The H1 Important For SEO? It is clear that I have written this headline with this question or search term in mind as the term used by the end-user.

The search term or keyword should be in the H1, but not necessarily the whole of the title. Think of the headline a newspaper might put on the front page. They know that certain words, celebrity names or content will grab your attention.  However, they don’t simply state that attention-grabbing word – they incorporate it intoIs The H1 Important For SEO the headline.  It is designed to make the reader want to read on – and so should a headline or H1 on your webpage.

Is The H1 Important For SEO? – How Many Can I Have Per Page?

The specific answer to the question “how many can you have” is as many as you like – however you should limit the numbers of H1 to 1 or 2 per page.

Again consider the point of the headline – to get across the key message of the page.  If another message is as important – why is it not on its own page?

How many ‘main headlines’ would a newspaper article have? One.

Is The H1 Important For SEO? – Does It Have To Be Text?

Although it is possible to replace H1 text and use an image instead, it is not considered good practice in terms of search engine optimisation.  Although search engines have changed their rules since 2011, it was that year that the last documented ‘official view’ of images as H1 was given. In 2011 ‘Bing’ declared the H1 tag should only contain text.  Although we don’t know for sure – if Bing doesn’t like it – it is likely that Google and other search engines frown upon it as well.  Moz has a good Q&A section on the issue.

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