Facebook Shares And SEO

Facebook Shares And SEO

A recent study has shown the correlation between Facebook shares and SEO.  In summary – the more Facebook shares your website enjoys, the higher your rankings in search engines like Google.

Facebook shares rank higher for SEO than the number of backlinks to your website.

Facebook followers and comments also rank very highly for SEO.

The study by ‘searchmetrics’ compared 300,000 websites structure, content and their popularity on search engines and they were able to calculate the correlation between Facebook shares and SEO.

Facebook Shares And SEO: Summary Of Findings

  • Social media signals show extremely high correlation: social signals from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are frequently associated with good rankings in Google’s index.
  • Too much advertising is detrimental: for the first time, we are seeing sites with too many advertisements struggling to rank well. However, the problem apparently relates only to AdSense ad blocks…
  • Backlinks are still important but quantity is not the only important thing: even though the number of backlinks is still the most powerful factor, links with stop words and ‘nofollow’ should also be included in the link-mix.
  • Brands leverage classic SEO signals: apparently, pages with strong brands do not need to be as concerned with the areas of title tags, headings etc. According to our figures, this group operates under different rules.
  • Keyword domains still frequently attract top results: despite all the rumours to the contrary, keyword domains are still alive and well and are often in the top rankings.

Facebook Shares And SEO: How To Get Facebook Shares

The overriding advice is to write great content on your website and add this to your Facebook page. Then cross your fingers and hope this is shared.

Having ‘Social Media‘ share buttons on every page of your website is also a must.

The golden rule on social media sites – is never selling to the reader.  Do not even offer deals or free offers – people see this as selling, and an intrusion of their ‘downtime’.

Competitions on Facebook pages were in direct breach of terms and conditions until early in 2014 – but even now are very difficult to add to Facebook without incurring a penalty.

There are plenty of companies based in Asia that will sell Facebook shares. Often this is robotic software that shares your page – and Facebook will take the accounts down over the following weeks.

Although buying shares will work – you need to use a reputable company that uses real humans to share the page.

Better companies to use are ones such as http://socialmedia-website.com/ who use humans across the globe to share your content.  As these accounts are real – they are far less likely to be removed by Facebook and will get you genuine ‘shares’

Facebook Shares And SEO: Will Buying Facebook Shares Be Seen As ‘Link Farming’

‘Link Farming’ is a MASSIVE no-no for SEO.  This where you buy or create ‘backlinks’ to your website.  The latest ‘hummingbird’ update has made this a ‘negative’ ranking factor for websites.  The number of backlinks is now much less important than the quality of teh backlinks.

Buying Facebook shares and SEO ranking is different. You are not buying links to your website.  You are sharing your content on other peoples Facebook page. Facebook shares indicate that your content is popular.

Note from Author of Facebook Shares And SEO – The website http://socialmedia-website.com/ did not pay or sponsor this link.

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